Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Website!

So, my best friend is an artist and she made an awesome website showing off her pieces, amongst other things. She inspired me to create my own. I can post my blog, makeup looks I've done on myself and others, drawing and graphics that I've done, and I'm also getting into photography. It's just so much easier to have everything on one site, rather than having to go to several. So hopefully people view it, and like it!

go to

Thursday, July 28, 2011

My obsession with Pinups...

I have always been obsessed with the classic pinup looks that Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Page have done back in their days. It's a look that's never gone out of style. It's simple, yet beautiful. I love the classic look of it, and the more edgier rockabilly look.

Here's my own spin on the look :) 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tipping isn't a city in China...

So this is completely off topic in this blog, but it's my blog and I'll write what I want.

I've been working at a restaurant for the last 8 years and though I do like my job and the people I work with it's hard when you have such a horrible and disrespectful clientele. Some of these people should be ashamed of themselves when they are in public. Servers make less than $3 an hour and depend on their tips to pay their bills, rent, etc. Their job is hectic enough on a busy night without some assholes coming in, running them ragged and tipping them $5 on a $100 check. While I agree a server should be tipped according to their performance as a server, it's not fair to those who bust their asses and see no rewards from it.

If you can afford to go out to eat and order everything on the menu, then you can tip your server. Bottom line. People think it's funny to come in and complain for no reason and expect their meals to be free and not tip the server. The server actually ends up having to pay for the morons to eat. How is that fair? Then of course the next time you come in you're going to get shitty service. Why should we bust our asses to make you happy when we get nothing out of it? We're there to make money and take care of you to the best of our ability. Not for you to act like we're your slaves and make us run around like crazy while you sit there and laugh and complain. People think because we're servers we're under educated or drug addicts. Though that may be true for some people, most of the servers I know are paying their way through school, have families, or genuinely enjoy the field. It's not fair for us to be made a mockery of and unappreciated for what we do. We're humans and we deserve the same respect everyone else does.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


So, I recently just got my 9th tattoo. It was a cover up for the second tattoo I got when I was 19. It was done on a whim and I thought it was cool at the time. I've hated it for years and decided to cover it up.

Anyway, I've always been into tattoos. The way they look on the body, the fact that you can have amazing pieces of art on your skin forever. I love them. Some people don't like them, or they think they make you look trashy. I do agree with that in a way. Some people just don't care about the quality of the tattoo they choose to get. They get them done at houses or have friends who are just learning do them because they are cheap. I'll tell you what people. Cheap tattoos LOOK CHEAP. It doesn't matter how cool the stencil is or what it says. If it's done poorly it looks like crap. You can have "Asshole" written on your arm but if it's done by a good artist it can look pretty bad ass. lol.

Anyway, This winter I'm planning on getting a sleeve done. It's something I've wanted done for a while even though my mom and a few others think I shouldn't do it. Honestly, I don't care what they think. They don't have to look at it. I'm an adult. It's my arm, and my money. If you have a problem don't look at it and keep your comments to yourself. That's my way of looking at it. I don't care what I'm going to look like when I'm 80. I'll be more worried about peeing myself than what my tattoos look like.

You can be almost covered in tattoos and still be beautiful...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

My top 8 celebrity inspirations for makeup!

1. Marilyn Monroe

This woman was absolutely, stunningly gorgeous. She had such a classic look. You can never go wrong with some black winged liner and ruby red lips. This look would never be played out. 

2. Kim Kardashian

I usually always love her makeup. She always has that smokey eye and pale lips. Sometimes she changes it up with just some black liner and bright pink lips. 

3. Jenna Jameson

I am a HUGE fan of the porn star makeup look. I love dark smokey shadows and pale pink or nude lips. It's not the best for an every day look, but it's hot for a night out.

4. Rihanna

She does so many different looks in her videos and they always look awesome. She always uses such bright colors.

5. Katy Perry

She has her own spin on the classic Marilyn look and also plays around with bright colors and different looks. She always looks gorgeous. 

6. Shirley Manson

I'm a huge fan of dark thick eyes. I Love the smudgey smokey look she often has.

7. Gwen Stefani

Yeah... this woman is just gorgeous. She can do no wrong. lol...

8. Lady GaGa

Okay, so most of her looks you can't wear every day... or at all. lol. I just love how outrageous her makeup usually is and that she isn't afraid to make a statement. I just lover her actually. hahahaha...