Thursday, November 10, 2011

Who and What influences me?

I've been into makeup ever since I was little. I loved watching anything that involved the application of makeup and I've been wearing makeup since I was about 10. As a teenager I was more interested in other things, but I always did my friends hair and makeup for them. A few years ago I really started getting involved in it and my obsession has doubled. I always had a natural talent for it.

I get influenced by watching the girls on youtube, looking in magazines, tv etc. Inspiration is all around me.  Even certain colors that stick out to me, patterns, foods, drinks.

There's one person that really sticks out to me and that's Alexa Pricso aka. the Glam Fairy. I think she is amazing and she comes up with some off the wall but amazing concepts and she's who I'd love to be like. She's talented, opinionated, and successful. I really want to visit the Glam Factory to see her and her workspace. I'd be overjoyed. lol. I'm glad she isn't on Jerseylicious anymore. While I still watch the show, I always liked the episodes where they focused on Alexa more than the rest of the cast. I was beyond excited when I found out she has her own show. She's the only one who's actually known in the industry and she deserved it. So, hopefully I'll get to meet her one day soon!!


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  2. you are right -- inspiration is everywhere! :)
    i get inspired by magazines too, and books, other bloggers, people i come across everyday, etc. :)

    <3, Mimi

  3. Winda, yes that's me in the header. lol. Thank you :)

    Mimi, I know, you can pretty much be inspired by anything when it comes to makeup. That's one of the best parts about it!