Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Balm - Hot Mama blush and Shady Lady Vol. 2 eye shadow palette

So since I've recently discovered makeup brand "The Balm" I'll do my first review on that.

The first is the Hot Mama blush. ($19 @ Sephora) I LOOOVE it. It's a peachy glittery color, but it goes on nicely and looks really good. It's similar to Nars Orgasm blush but it's more peach than pink. It would look good on any skin color. I've recently gone tanning so I'm a little darker than usual and I think it looks good with tanned skin, but it would look good on fair skin also.

Next is the Shady Lady Vol. 2 eye shadow palette. ($39.50 @ Sephora) A girl I work with showed me the Shady Lady Vol. 1 eye shadow palette and I loved it. The colors are gorgeous and very pigmented. They go on great! The colors in this palette are:

1. Caught in the act Courtney ( almost like an espresso brown with copper glitter. Good for use as a liner)
2. Feisty Falicia ( Black with plum glitter. Good for use as a liner.)
3. Insane Jane ( A pewter/silver color. Good for use as a liner.)
4. Bossy Bobby ( A very pretty dark blue. Good for use as a liner.)
5. Makeout Mary ( A nice green color. Good for use as a liner.)
6. Just this once Jamie (A pretty purplish color)
                                                      7. Mischievous Marissa ( A gorgeous bronze color)
                                                      9. Tempting Tara ( A frost white for highlighting)
                                                     10. Devilish Danielle ( A nice nude/beige color.)

Ten awesome colors and you can do a lot of different looks with them! Eventually I'll get to posting some looks I've done with them. Until next time...

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